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Shes not always the vain of my existance

check me out :



It’s been a while and I’m sorry but i suck at blogging

made these a few weeks back now and am working out the kinks

so that I can start selling them to go along with my totes

I’m hoping to be doing a craft fair in october with my sister and my brother in law, im waiting to hear back from the nice lady.

coming up will be a few photographs from my holiday…

Picture 1My lastest tote bag design! im doing a range of junk food totes to help me through my diet lol! heres a taster! you can buy them on my shop on ebay!


I’m 22 and I live in Brighton and Hove by the seaside,

I am a photography fanatic so you will all see a lot of it here, you will also see loads of my side projects and some paintings 🙂

Jess x